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MPC Enigma Firm 110mm

Meet MPC's most advanced breakthrough, Enigma. Reimagined from the ground up, Enigma has been engineered with the latest technologies in wheel construction and polyurethane formulation. Enigmahas been designed to meet the stringent requirements of the world's elite skaters.

As the next generation of MPC speed skating wheels, Enigmais equipped with an all-new hub design, reformulated polyurethane materials, and several antipiracy features to assure unbreakable performance.

In MPC's lab and field tests, Enigmademonstrated a 25% improvement in wear life when compared to leading products. MPC's engineers accomplish this without sacrificing the grip, roll, and consistency that have made MPC's Wheels the preferred wheel of the world's best skaters.

Unlock victory with Enigma!

Urethane Color: Natural Urethane

Uses: Track, Road, Marathon

Enigma comes in one size and three hardnesses:

Firm, XFirm & XXFirm.