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Junk DeadShot 125 Firm

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  • When your goal is to maintain top speed for longer, with less effort, Dead Shot 125mm wheels are just the trick you need. You’ll be saving energy for the field sprint while going faster than your ever have on the long straights, and attacking in the curves and corners with confidence on a wheel designed to push past the limiting laws of physics and perform with other-worldly precision, every time. 15mm taller than 110s for a longer, more efficient roll, and a full 24mm wide for better cornering, this wheel will conjure your inner speed demon and set you free from the pack.

    Junk and MPC wheels reengineered their legendary turbine hub to ensure every spoke and stress point is spoken for and fortified. You’ll be nimble with the flex you need in the corners, and fully supported with the rigidity required for taking straights at lightning-bolt speed. There’s a strange alchemy in these wheels that will turn your medal dreams to gold!

    Less vibration, longer roll, more responsive and longer lasting, Junk Dead Shot 125s are the large format wheel the sport has been waiting for.

    Choose this wheel for:

    Straight-line speed – all-road/track surface efficiency - energy-saving rebound - reliable grip - M-tech® optimization.


    Size Options: 125mm

    Hardness: FIRM (82 to 84A)

    Hub: Natural turbo hub, T83mm

    MTech®: Trans Red Inner Ring 63A

    Uses: Marathons and road skating.