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Junk Quad 7mm Steel Bearings

  • Junk Quad 7mm Bearings were designed by Junk Skates. They were tested by our world champion skaters.
  • Please NOTE: These bearings only work with 7MM Quad Skates. They do not work with inline skates or inline hockey skates.
  • Our bearings feature a Removable Rubber Shield that allows for easy maintenance, greatly reduced friction, and has none of the annoying rattling noise from regular metal shields.

    We got away from metal retainers and chose High Nylon Ball Retainers which generate less friction, allow you to maintain your forward momentum better and also rids our bearings from the annoying rattling noises of metal retainers. Another great advantage of Nylon retainers is that we have one less piece of metal to rust.

    Our Si3N4 Ceramic Balls are much lighter than their steel counterparts and water resistant, which means no rust on the bearing balls. They are also harder and last longer than any steel bearing balls on the market today. 

    The new Axel Ceramic comes packed with our PROUltimate + Speed Lubricant, which means that your bearings will be competition ready out of the box. 

    Comes in a box with a set of 16 Pro 6ix Ceramic bearings