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Junk Voodoo Pro XFirm

  • Voodoo Pro

     This voodoo JUNK has no heart. What? 

    Voodoo Pro is a single-urethane version of our top-of-the-line wheel that bears a similar name. This means it has no inner core ring, but is made of the same urethane, same hub, and same speed profile as dual-urethane Voodoo. We called this “pro” because this is our top of the line single-urethane wheel for speed training, recreational, fitness, and urban skaters, but at a lower entry point. Choose this wheel if you’re new to the sport and want the best, top-of-the-line wheel in the single-urethan category, or if you’re training hard and need to go through a lot of wheels for a good price. Just like the dual-urethane Voodoo wheel, there are no pigments through the hub or the urethane, giving you pure, raw performance.




    Size/Firmness Options:

    ·      80mm-84mm-90mm come in X-Firm (84 to 86A)  and XX-Firm (86 to 88A)

    ·      110mm-100mm come in X-Firm (for now)

    Hub: Natural turbo hub, T72mm diameter (in 110mm wheel size)

    Urethane Color: Natural Magic Urethane

    Uses: Track, Road, Marathon, Ultra Marathon.