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Junk Special Frame 3x110mm Max

Junk Special. Speed: Engineered.

These frames are Junk, a Special kind of Junk. Engineered for speed, these frames are lightweight with optimal stiffness. Every cut, shape, edge, and design cue was influenced by hundreds of hours of testing by world champions and top inline speed skaters.

Performance was behind every engineering decision we made. Like all Junk frames, these are built using a single piece of Aircraft Aluminum 7005-T6. Each frame is processed using CNC machinery, which is a manufacturing process in which a computer is programmed to grind the piece into a specific shape. This ensures the quality of each frame is precise and symmetrical. Furthermore, a T6 heat treatment was applied to increase stiffness to an optimal level for stability, control, and responsiveness for each frame. The geometry of frames also features sleek groves meant to reduce weight, and coincidentally add to its stunning design.

The SPECIAL frames have a 3 110MM Max. wheel setup. They’re best for an all-around skater and favored for long distance events on both, indoor, track and road.  The frames are stiff enough to maintain momentum in straightaways, yet flexible enough to promote acceleration coming out of the corners. Then, when you need to sprint for the finish line, they are stiff enough go turn your power into acceleration.

Junk Special Specifications:

Wheel Set up  3 x110 Max 
Length (in)  10.25" or 11"
Weight (g) 142 Grams for 10.25" - 151 Grams for 11"
Mount Spacing (mm) 150/165mm for 10.25 - 165/195mm for 11"
Material (Alloy)  Aircraft Aluminum 7005 T6
Front Deck Height (mm) 55mm
Back Deck Height (mm) 65mm
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